Here’s why this process is so effective

Life Purpose + Pleasure

Your client’s life purpose is revealed by what it is they really enjoy doing. When you help them situate this in a career path, they are more likely to find fulfillment in their work life.

Career Direction = Motivation

By helping your client identify a career which is based on their dreams, you establish a strong launching pad which can support them through the challenges of manifesting a career plan; further education, and then job seeking are more likely to be successful.

Doing It Together

The lone hero model is flawed. Everyone needs support. All the career experts say that this is an essential ingredient. You provide the support to identify the client’s ideal career, and this system offers them a clear action plan. An important part of your client’s success involves them identifying and enlisting a support team.

The Perfect Storm

This work is based on the powerful conjunction of your client’s personal mission, their most loved skills, the needs of the world, and work that is financially viable. When all these factors are brought together, the work they do will be deeply meaningful. That’s what you can lead your client towards through this approach.

Stepping On The Front Foot

‘Pragmatic’ approaches to career coaching look at ‘what’s out there’, and encourage people to settle for second best, sacrificing their dreams for pure practicality. This approach starts from the spark of the ideal career path, and charts a course to the ideal workplace. These are not pipe dreams; there is a way to achieve this, and it involves being proactive. These are the values underlying the methodology of this system of career coaching.

To Thine Own Self Be True

This system is based on holism: a total approach to all levels of a person – from purpose in life, down to the practicalities of getting a job. The ethos is one of authenticity – being fully yourself, rather than following the expectations or directives of friends, family or society. In the words of Joseph Cambell, ‘follow your bliss’.

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