What You'll Do With Clients

 How can you help clients achieve their career dreams?

I have amalgamated the entire Career Decision session into a software program which will guide you, step by step, through a seamless process of enquiry. There are a series of questions which you will ask clients, and then write in their answers. There are multiple choice sheets, and some card sorts.

The purpose is to get to know the client deeply, in a short period of time. And to enable the client to touch base with their own preferences, achievements and inspirations. 

Its all about what they love doing, so they can do the work they will love

We build a exciting and interesting picture together, through finding out what makes them tick, what turns them on, what excites them, what energises them. A career profile which is based on these elements is more likely to motivate them, and lead to a fulfilling worklife. 

I have synthesised approaches from leaders in the Career Coaching field – Richard Nelson Bolles, Barbara Sher, Mark Savickas, Laurence Bolt. I have designed 49 steps which condense their work into a single, effective process. 

 We narrow options, then expand

Clients will come to you because either they have too many options, and they can’t make a choice, or because the options they have don’t appeal to them.

So in the process of identifying their unique talents we help them focus in each question, honing in on the most important interests and attributes. Then we widen, by creatively generating a range of job options. Finally, they make a choice of two preferences from this hot list.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The reason you can give a money-back guarantee of satsifaction to clients is that, in the end, they make the choice. Their result is not from a computer generated profile; its not from questionairres with hundreds of questions; it’s the result of the profile that you have built with them, based on their core values and passions. 

So the final decision is not about your expertise, its about their own gut choice. You have simply helped them build up the momentum to that moment, and helped them bypass their resistance to recognising their dreams as valid.

Putting the decision into action

After this powerful decision, a new door opens. In the remaining part of the session, you outline 17 Career Action steps, and provide an overview of the 147 pages of accompanying reading that they will take home with them. These carefully curated materials will guide them through the process of manifesting their career.

You may then make followup appointments to assist them in the implementation of the plan.

Yes. I want to become a career coach.