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    About Our Program

    Why are there pre-requisites?

    I don’t suggest you use this system to become a career coach unless you already have people-skills in place. You need to be comfortable with guiding people through a process. This is an easy-to-follow system in which the questions are set, and you simply need to take a client through the steps. However, to do this successfully requires an ability to tune into people, and that generally comes through having some previous experience working with people.

    Why does it cost $1950 USD

    Because you can recoup that through the first two clients. Its a bankable investment in your own career.

    Are there any catches?

    No. You get everything necessary to start becoming a Career Decision Coach, and if you invest a week, I am confident that you can do it. The license is lifetime, so there are no additional costs.

    Can I work with clients over the internet?

    Yes. You can email the materials used in the process directly to client, so you dont have to meet face to face with them. I do these sessions also via Zoom, and it works just as well. The client needs to print off the documents in preparation.

    However, the time taken is no shorter. The system works because you don’t send them away to do worksheets; it works because in the process of interviewing them, you get to know them in a way which is not possible simply by reading written answers to the same questions.

    What exactly do I get in this package?

    The materials you receive include:

    • an easy to learn software application which runs on Mac, PC or iPad. The software guides you through the session, and generates a pdf summary to email to the client at the end
    • a comprehensive set of 49 structured interview questions
    • detailed instructions as to how to conduct each part of the session
    • masters of all handouts (236 pages)
    • 2 sets of card sorts, including a transferable skillset of 108 cards. There is also a customised online version I have created of the card sorts.
    • a copy of the full listing of Holland codes, MBTI types, Wealth Dynamics and Brand Archetype profiles
    • accompanying background notes
    • coach reference sheets and books
    • demonstration video sessions of actual sessions, and a commentary and instructional video
    • publicity templates for marketing the sessions

    The computer program is simple and straightforward. There is help on each screen, and prompts for the questions to ask. You simply write in the answers.

    Is there really a demand for Career Coaches?

    Yes! In the USA there were 11,379 counselling graduates in 2014; of those only 49 were career counsellors.  An OECD report from Europe also indicates that demand for career guidance exceeds supply.

    I am from Australia, but I now teach and travel internationally – the USA, Mexico, Japan and China. In each place I find it easy to pick up clients who need career assistance. There seems to be little competition. And its recession proof – in hard times, more people are looking for work, and often need to decide on a different career path after losing a stable job. In these days of fluid workplaces, people change careers 12-15 times over the course of their life. They generally need support in this process.
    In Covid and post Covid times, people are reevaluating their work, and many are looking for new directions.

    Where and how do I get clients?

    There are two sources of clients.
    Firstly, your current or past client base: people who trust you already, and may be interested in this additional service you can now provide.

    Secondly, people with a high need to make a career decision but needing assistance to do so. For example:

    • Youth who want to settle on their career direction in order to determine the right course of study
    • Unemployed people who want to get clear on what career direction to head in next
    • Workers who are unhappy with their job and want to change their careers but dont know what to choose
    • Parents moving back into the workforce – once the children are in school, or after they have left home
    • Experienced and highly competent individuals who want to find a new direction for their complex skill sets

    What kind of fee can I charge for a session?

    The career session is in-depth. It takes about 4.5 hours to complete in total. The absorption in the process by the client helps the momentum; its generally a good idea to break it up into a few smaller sessions.

    • In private practice a consultation of this type is generally charged out at between $650 USD – $950 USD.
    • For corporates, the rates range from $850 USD – $1,600 USD.
    • At the lowest rate you are making at least $150 USD per hour – a reasonable sum.

    Your only cost for the session is printing the handouts, which will cost you about $15 USD. If you do it with a remote client, there is no cost at all.

    What would I do in a Career Coaching session?

    Take a brief history, then proceed to ask a series of preset questions about their preferences, values, personality, achievements, desired responsibility level, projected income, and pleasurable skill sets.

    • Invite them to identify their preferences for work-life balance, and to describe their dreams.
    • At each stage, you will help them to narrow their answers so there is an increasing focus.
    • You give them lists to choose from, and there are some card sorts to help them select values and skills.
    • Finally, you help them generate a list of favourite fields and possible job titles from which they will make their final choice.

    The system is designed to bypass the resistance most people have to focusing and choosing, and the technique works every time. They make a decision without realising it; because its at the end of a long, detailed and interactive process; thus the career choice is robust and dependable. Voila, a satisfied client.

    • You then outline the next practical steps for enabling their career choice to become a reality, and give them a large amount of support materials to take home (67 pages of handouts that detail what to do next).
    • They take home with them the handouts used during the process so they can review it themselves later on.

    Can I really guarantee clients a satisfying result? Isn’t that a result of your 35 years of experience?

    My 35 years of professional experienced is condensed into this package so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; each step is clearly spelled out and easy to follow. The system uses an holistic process which allows you to guarantee to clients the discovery of their ideal career path in a single session. This increases the value of what you are offering, and helps you gain clients because of the emphasis on results.

    For example:

    Anthony lost his managerial job when he was 39; his company was swallowed up by a much larger one. After a year of unsuccessfully applying for other jobs he decided to move into life coaching, and completed his certification. However, he found that establishing a consistent client base was difficult. So he bought my Career Coaching package and within a month he had a clientele.

    Here is what he says:

    ‘I decided to try the career coaching system because it had a money-back guarantee. I needed a way to get more clients, and if I could guarantee results, that seemed like a strong drawcard. I was delighted to discover that the system worked exactly as promised – right from the start I could bring someone to the point of a career decision they were confident about. It increased my client load by one day a week, which was about what I needed’.

    You say ‘licensed’. What does that mean?

    The license offered to practice contains these key conditions:

    1. You need some prior experience working with people
    2. The licence is non-transferable
    3. This entitles you to use the title ‘Career Decision Coach’, and offer those services
    4. You follow a basic set of professional ethics

    You can view the license terms and conditions in detail here.