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Career Decision Coaching

What is it?

A single-session system that helps clients reach a solid career decision.

Is this for you?

If you already have people skills and you want an additional income source, this program can transform you into an efficient and effective CareerCoach.

Why purchase this system?

I spent 25 years crafting this process and making it into an easy-to-follow software app, complete with 136 pages of carefully curated handouts.

How much does it cost?

$1,950 buys you the package, instantly downloadable. You get a lifetime license to practice as a Career Decision Coach.

How can you be confident about this investment?

You get to trial it for 30 days, so the risk is on me. You can learn the process in a short period of time, and start earning soon afterwards. There is a large demand for Career Coaches, and a limited supply. You can charge at least $850 per client, which means you recoup your money after two sessions.

You can become a Licensed Career Coach in 7 days, Risk Free.

      “I was introduced to Career Decision Coaching five years ago, as an organisational coach looking for a complementary way to supplement my income. After meeting Steve, I instantly liked the product and decided to have a session myself. The process was very creative and thought provoking. The information I learnt about my own career drivers and ideal career choice was very affirming, and inspired me to wholeheartedly pursue my ideal career.

     A few months later I became licensed to run Career Decision Coaching sessions myself. Client results have been fantastic. Very recently I ran into an initial client who was now in his ideal career as a writer. He was very grateful for the session we had. The system is very easy to use allowing the energy to focus on the coaching conversation. Steve has recently upgraded the system and information so that it remains contemporary and relevant to today’s career market. Thanks again!

– Rachael Carter
HR Coach

Is Career Coaching Right For Me?

Give your clients real,

tangible results.

This unique, one-of-a-kind program generates over 130 pages of in-depth career path identifiers, action plans, and reports for your clients after just one session.

Outline Aptitudes & Skills

Help your clients to identify what skills, values, and sources of support.

Identify Career Path

Efficiently identify their top two career paths.

Evaluate Dreams & Aspirations

In one session, evaluate the dreams and aspirations that impact their ideal career paths.

Formulate Action Plan

Outline the 17-step action plan to assist your clients in realising their dream career.

Are you a counsellor, HR professional, or coach, looking to

secure your income base?

You can benefit from my 35 years of experience, condensed into this package.

Tremendous value in teasing out major strengths. I do think that everyone, in particular high school or college students, should have this sort of testing available to refine and understand proclivities, interests and talents. I’m doing somatic work with clients at this time and your testing pointed me in that direction. Thank you so much.

Tara Clair CandoliPsy.D

As a result, today I am busy with my new business. A career which includes all my past education and career experiences plus the potential of personal growth. The Career Processing really helped me in a creative way to find my way on the beaten track of my life.

Helené BestbierCape Town, South Africa

The Career Decision Coaching is an informative consulting session. It used various angles of approach to achieve better self recogition and clarification in areas of personal doubt. The system is very structured with objective measurement used throughout. Overall it was a very good process, going into a valuable depth of self exploration and understanding.

Rene LiuOD Manager from ENGIE

After the career coaching, I definitely have more confidence in myself. The path we drew up together was something I always wanted to do. Looking back, the job I have right now fits all the elements that suit my personality, interests and skillset. this experience helped my look beyond what was in my mind.

Echo Li

Does your philosophy dance with mine?

As a career coach, you will support people to do these 3 things:


  1. Recognise their passion and true calling in life
  2. Link this calling to a clear career path
  3. Move into action so the dream becomes a reality

Underlying this work are 4 core values. Check if these resonate with you:

A person’s life purpose is revealed by what they really enjoy doing

Finding work that expresses this purpose is realistically achievable

The challenges of moving into a new career can be overcome with the right kind of support

Fortune favors the bold. Stepping forward with a smart plan and a clear vision increases the likelihood of success.

You don’t have to change yourself to change your life. No personality makeovers are necessary. You are fine just as you are. No major sacrifices are necessary, either. There is always a realistic way to fulfill any dream. There has never been a dream that you cant have – at least you can achieve the heart of it, the part you love the most.

Barbara Sher

Do you have the baseline skills to do this?

This course is not for everyone. The package does not allow a greenhorn to instantly become a people-expert.

It is only available to those with qualifications or experience in working with others in a support, therapy, counseling, facilitation, HR, case management or coaching context. You will need to have the skills required for working with people: an ability to tune into their world, to actively listen, establish rapport, and to direct a session with the right balance of authority/push, sensitivity/openness.

Ready To Take The Plunge?

This is an interactive and engaging process with your client. Get started today and start seeing real results.