Career Decision Coaching™

License Agreement

At the completion of the program you will be able to claim the title of 'Licensed Career Decision Coach'.

Pre-requisite for coaches

This course is only available to those with qualifications or experience in working with others, in a support, therapy, counselling, facilitation, HR or coaching context. It is necessary to have the skills of working with people, an ability to tune into their world, to actively listen, and to direct a session with the right balance of authority and push, and sensitivity and openness.

The operation of this license is dependant on your agreement to the following conditions.


This course is licensed to you, individually. The license is not transferable, and the course materials are supplied to you on the condition that you use them only for the professional consultation purposes for which they are designed. They are to be reproduced only for use with specific clients, and for no other purpose.


The license to use the course is provided to you on a lifetime basis.

Course contents

The items included in this course are as follows:

1. Proprietary Career Decision Coaching™ software. This is a standalone application, and you will be supplied with a version that runs on Mac, and a version which runs on a PC. It contains all steps involved, and support scripts for each stage. It is personalised to you, and you will need to register it after 30 days.

2. A PDF file of all steps in the session, which can be used on any computer instead of the software, for the purposes of conducting a session.

3. A PDF file all steps in the session, which can be printed out and used for the purposes of conducting a session, without a computer.

4. A PDF file of RIASEC occupational categories, which can be printed out instead of using the software.

5. A set of PDF files consisting of a full set of coaches materials, including some background reference files and a full script of the session

6. Two sets of card sorts: a) 107 Transferable Skills cards; b) 27 Career Values cards

7. PDF files of both card sorts for use with remote clients.

8. A PDF file of all handouts (127 pages), which can also be used with remote clients.

9. Demonstration videos with associated commentary. You will receive a link to these videos to view on the internet.

All PDF files are supplied in both A4 and US letter format.

All materials, except for the videos, will be supplied on a usb stick. In addition, a set of handouts and script will be supplied, printed out, in a folder also containing the cards and a clipboard.

Any bug reports for the software will be responded to by the supply of an updated version of the software.


Purchase and utilisation of this course does not indicate an ability to provide other services than Career Decision Coaching.


There are a number of ethical issues which accompany purchase and use of this license:

1. The Career Decision Coach will work within the limits of their competence.

2. If during the course of the work, the Career Decision Coach discovers the limits of their competence with the client, they will refer the client on to another suitable professional.

3. If at any point during the session, the Career Decision Coach determines that the client needs other types of support and that Career Decision Coaching is not suitable, they will inform the client and renegotiate the session.

4. The relationship with the client is a professional relationship, within which the welfare of the client is the Career Decision Coach's primary concern.

5. The Career Decision Coach will act in a manner consistent with this recognition and not exploit or abuse clients financially, sexually, emotionally, politically or ideologically for his/her own personal advantage, his/her own needs, or the advantage of any other person or institution.

6. The Career Decision Coach is aware when other relationships or external commitments conflict with the interests of the client. Where such a conflict of interest exists, it is the responsibility of the Career Decision Coach to bring it openly into the professional relationship, and take necessary action to resolve the issue.

7. All exchanges between the Career Decision Coach and the client are regarded as confidential, subject to relevant national laws regarding issues of dangerousness, or child abuse in the case of minors.

8. Contracting with clients regarding the provision of services is explicit in relation to fees and location.

9. Advertising will be confined to descriptive statements about the service being provided. The title 'Career Decision Coaching' should be used to describe this service.

The Career Decision Coach may offer a guarantee as follows:

By the end of the session you will receive the following benefits:


Ethics documents

For reference, here is the Career Counsellors code of ethics of the CDAA, the organisation I am a member of. You can also find here their guide to ethical decision making for career counselling professionals.

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